Mary Kay InTouch Consultant

Do you want to be a sales and start your own business? Are you eager to earn 50% on everything you sell? If the answer is yes, you may consider an optional job of being a Mary Kay InTouch Independent Beauty Consultant. You can earn 50% on everything you sell directly to your customers.
What Is Mary Kay InTouch Independent Beauty Consultant?

Mary Kay is a direct selling company that focuses on sales of skin care and cosmetic products. Mary Kay offers Mary Kay InTouch Consultant job position for those who are interested to be their own boss as a beauty consultant. Every Mary Kay InTouch Consultant can sell products directly to their customers, in person, via catalogs or online, 50% of the amount they sell to customers will become their earnings. You will need to sign an agreement with Mary Kay before start your own business. You can get help from Mary Kay and their consultants conveniently. To know more, you can visit Sell Mary Kay: Get started via the third link in Related Links section below. How To Become A Mary Kay InTouch Independent Beauty Consultant?

  • Requirements
    1. To be eligible to sell, you need to be at least 18 years old.
    2. You need to purchase a Mary Kay Starter Kit for $100.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit Sell Mary Kay: Profile Page via the fourth link in Related Links section below, get familiar with Mary Kay InTouch Consultant career via others' personal stories. You can also visit Mary Kay website via the fifth link below to get familiar with Mary Kay products.
    2. If you are interested to become a Mary Kay InTouch Consultant, go to Mary Kay Beauty Consultants Locator web page via the second link in Related Links section below, and find a Mary Kay Consultant near you.
    3. Contact the Mary Kay Consultant you have found to know more about this career.
    4. Sign a Mary Kay InTouch Consultant Agreement given by your Mary Kay Consultant.
    5. Pay $100 plus shipping, handling fees and tax to order a Starter Kit with Mary Key. In the kit, you can find products and samples you can distribute to friends at parties, and useful how-to tutorials and tips you need to start your own career at Mary Kay.
    6. Once received your Starter Kit, you can start running your business right away.
    7. You can go to Mary Kay InTouch website frequently via the first link in Related links section below, to communicate with other Mary Kay InTouch Consultants like you.
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