Royal Mail Redelivery

Have you ever been annoyed by the way that Royal Mail tries to deliver a parcel when you are not at home so they leave one of those red cards saying that you have to go to a collection office somewhere far away? There is a new solution to this old problem! Now, you can go online and schedule when Royal Mail should deliver your parcel!
What Is Royal Mail Redelivery?

Royal Mail is the national postal administration of the United Kingdom. Now you can arrange redelivery online either to your own address, or to a different address in the same post code area, free of charge. Alternatively, for 50 penny, you can collect your item from a Post Office of your choice. Just book online and Royal Mail will deliver it on the day you choose. How Do You Book Royal Mail Redelivery?

  • Requirements
    1. You must have a computer with internet access.
    2. You must have the red "Sorry you were out card" left by Royal Mail when delivery of your parcel was first attempted.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit the Royal Mail Redelivery web page (related link 1 below), click on the "Arrange Redelivery" button.
    2. Enter the required information into the indicated fields, including the information printed on the "Sorry you were out" card.
    3. Indicated when you want the redelivery to be made.
    4. Choose whether you want redelivery to be made to the same address at which the initial delivery was attempted or to another address in the same post code.
    5. Sit back and wait for your package to arrive!
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