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The Progressive Online Policy Service is the online customer service that Progressive provides for its customers. Once registered an online account, a Progressive customer can easily get the information and manage his or her account online anytime and anywhere. The website of Progressive Online Policy Service is quite secure, and easy to use. Besides managing the account, a registered customer can also see the latest information recalls for his or her vehicles. As long as one has registered an account with his or her driving license or policy number, he or she can enjoy a great pleasure of benefits and conveniences with the Progressive Online Policy Service. At its website, one can make payments, review discounts and discover various new ways to save money, update the personal information if any changes need to be done onto the account, verify insurance for a newly-bought vehicle, add coverage for a new car, sign up for a paperless policy, etc. In a word, with the Online Policy Service, you can deal with everything related to Progressive easily.
About Progressive

The Progressive Insurance Company was first founded in 1937, and has always devoted its efforts and attention in the field of auto insurance. By providing competitive pricing and continuously improved service and products, Progressive has earned a high reputation as an insurance company among its current and potential customers. It sells insurances for various vehicles, including auto, local cars, motorcycles, boats, commercial auto, truck, and also life and health insurances. People can buy insurances on the internet or by telephone 24 hours on any day throughout the year, which creates much convenience for everyone who has the need of buying insurances. How To Register To Manage A Progressive Policy Online?

  • Requirements
    1. Access to the internet.
    2. Driving License or Progressive policy number is needed for the registration.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit the website of Progressive, find user entrance in the right column of the main page, and click “Register”(Related Link 1 Below).
    2. Click to choose whether you want to use your Progressive policy number or your driving license number for the registration, and type in the relevant number.
    3. Click “Continue” to set your own online account. Create your user name and password for the Progressive Online Policy Service account, and security questions are also needed.
    4. When you have finished filling all the information, you have successfully registered online. Login in and look into your policy, and you can choose any online service to manage your account 24 hours a day now.
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