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The Thomson Airways (UK) Flights service provides the customers of Thomson with chances of selecting their seats in the flights they want to take and booking additional flight extras as well. With your booking reference and the date you want to go provided, you can select your seat and get some other services. The fees are pre-paid with credit card or online banking accounts, which saves much time and trouble for every customer of Thomson. At the website of Thomson, every customer can choose the seat he or she want in the flight, order a meal, get a bigger baggage allowance, and some other extras such as hotel rooms, car hire car parking up to 60% off, and premium seating in the flights. It will be very convenient for any customer who book seats in advance of the flying date, and bring much more benefits as there are many additional flight extras to choose from, which will add more colorful memories to your holidays.
About Thomson

Thomson Airways is the world's leading charter airlines, with its flights from UK to destinations across the world, such as other countries Europe, Asia, Africa, North America. Headquartered in Luton, UK, it has become the third largest UK airline after EasyJet and British Airways. Thomson now releases services called “Package holidays”, which may include flights, hotels, cruises, villas, and other extras. The Package holidays have designed all the details of a holiday for customers, and all the customers should do with it is enjoy the holiday time and have fun. How Does A Thomson Airways (UK) Customer Select Seat And Book Additional Flight Extras?

  • Requirements
    1. Access to the internet.
    2. Credit card or online banking account.
    3. Booking reference and departing date should be provided for the booking.
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Visit the website of Thomson, and enter your booking reference, lead passenger's surname and your departing date on the page of booking seats and flight extras(Related Link 1 Below).
    2. After clicking “Continue”, select the seats you want in the flight, and the additional flight extras you would like to own during the journey.
    3. Choose the way to pay the fees, either online banking or credit card account is OK.
    4. In the last page, confirm all the details of your booking, and your fantastic journey is on its way.
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